Connect the dots

We turn knowledge into insights and insights into strategies.

We find the missing pieces of the insights puzzle and put them together with other pieces that exist within client organizations. We connect the dots between customer and partner needs and organizational goals, and translate research findings into strategic opportunities.

Our methods are both unique and robust. They are focused on people but have enterprise-grade scale. We use a variety of classic design and business methods such as Customer Journey Mapping, Ecosystem Mapping, Mental Modelling, Competitive Audit among others. We also extend them to form own unique approaches that provide deeper insights into both consumer and business audiences.

Understanding people

To be insightful about customers, we need to know how they evolve, what makes their experience ideal, and how they are affected by current and emerging trends. Our unique consumer research methods model the future with better precision and help create more robust strategies for new as well as existing products and services.

Our methods: unique, robust, insightful

Evolutionary Personas

Evolutionary personas describe the current state of target audiences and project changes that may happen to them, their behaviors, needs and context. This paints a dynamic picture of one’s customers and helps anticipate changing needs rather than react to them. 

Ideal Experience

The method compares the current and desired customer experiences and highlights the gaps. This gives deep insights into customer mental models, facilitates novel thinking about solutions, and helps build informed product and service roadmaps.

Applied Trend Analysis

Not all trends have equal impact on all audiences. Our applied trend analysis helps understand how different technology and lifestyle trends affect specific audiences in the context of their current needs, evolution and ideal experience.

Understanding organizations

Building harmonious business relationships rests on deeper understanding of customer and partner organizations, what drives them, and what they look for in a relationship with a company. We have developed three unique methods to help our clients understand and empathize with their business customers and partners.

Our methods: people-centered, enterprise-grade

Organizational Personas

Organizational personas represent companies, not individuals, and distill a broad range of customers into a few distinctive archetypes. They help think about B2B customers holistically, considering objective parameters as well as culture, behavior and values.

Relationship Journey

Relationship journey maps interactions between a service provider and its B2B customers. Extending customer journeys, it reflects the needs, pain points and delights of both sides of the relationship, helping turn customer excellence into customer harmony.

Partner Inclusion

Business partners are critical to the success of most companies. Our Partner Inclusion approach helps understand the ecosystem of one’s partners, their needs, goals, and how they contribute to the success and harmony we strive to build with our customers.

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