Practice Meaningful Innovation

Innovation is more than new ideas

What does it mean to innovate meaningfully?

Some define innovation as the competence to generate new ideas. Many see it as a combination of creativity and ability to implement new ideas. We go further and believe that true innovation must enable meaningful experiences and deliver lasting value.

We practice Meaningful Innovation ourselves through delivering unique services. We also challenge and coach our partners to foster Meaningful Innovation within their organizations.  

Fostering value-driven opportunities

Many organizations know how to discover new opportunities and create new offerings, but fewer can clearly articulate their value propositions through specific benefits for customers and end users. We coach our clients how to bridge this gap and create long-lasting value for their target audiences.

Reframing value propositions

Do value propositions of your offerings reflect what customers can do or what they can achieve through them? We teach our clients how to create customer-focused value propositions that address customer goals, not just product capabilities.

Articulating compelling visions

A compelling shared vision helps an organization innovate, communicate big ideas, and bring teams together. We coach on how to create such visions and define the desired outcomes, success criteria and dependencies across teams and technologies.

Creating business requirements

How does one translate customer needs to specific business requirements for an organization or a project? We help link the two and teach organizations how to create customer-focused, traceable and meaningful business requirements.

Building innovation muscle

Developing innovation capabilities within an organization is a marathon, not a sprint. We help organizations understand their existing practices, successes and barriers, and develop an innovation path that fits their organization best.

Assessing current practices

We help our clients assess their existing innovation practices and develop effective parameters for measuring their success. With such evaluation, we can suggest relevant best practices and help our clients build a network of like-minded partners. 

Implementing innovation

Every organization is different. We can recommend ways to build actionable plans to implement innovation practices within a specific organization, based on its unique context, business goals, processes and organizational culture.

Sustaining innovation

It can be hard to create the right key performance indicators that work for each stage of the innovation process. We work closely with our clients to define these metrics and adjust their business rhythms.

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