Evolve Organizational Culture

Culture is not static

Why evolve organizational culture?

Organizations change over time to embrace new markets, technologies, business processes and customer expectations. To stay relevant and attuned to the needs of both customers and employees, organizational culture needs to evolve, too. Such change is not easy. We support our clients as they evolve organizational culture of their companies to enable customer harmony and meaningful innovation.   

Our Cultural Evolution expertise is based on years of hands-on research and practice in organizational development, cross-cultural communication and building technologies that change the way organizations work.

Fostering remote work

Remote collaboration is essential to modern business. While many companies put tools and policies in place to support remote work, few are truly effective in getting the best out of it. Our first-hand experience in defining leading enterprise collaboration tools gives us a unique perspective on how to embrace remote work for the benefits of organizations and individuals alike.

Defining collaboration needs

We help our clients understand collaboration across their organizations, map them to broader business goals, and choose tools that evolve organizational culture to integrate remote collaboration within and outside an organization.

Embracing remote teams

Remote and distributed teams are a business reality. We provide training to teams of different sizes, structures and cultural backgrounds on creating healthy, productive work habits that are uniquely tailored to the need of every team.

Connecting teams and customers

Customers can be anywhere. We help establish effective and inexpensive remote customer feedback mechanisms that keep product teams closely connected with customers throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

Working across cultures

Cultural boundaries may be subtle in the modern world, but they exist and frequently create tension. We help multinational teams and those used to different organizational cultures to understand, embrace and capitalize on their specific commonalities and differences.

Bridging organizational cultures

Similar looking companies may have very different cultures. Even within one company, the culture can vary, especially after a merger. We help our clients recognize these differences and bridge cultural gaps within their organizations.

Managing multinational teams

At Everlime, we speak several languages, worked in different countries, managed multinational teams and taught cross-cultural communication. This makes us trusted advisers for those seeking help on effective management across cultures.

Raising cultural awareness

Whether an organization expands into a new market or wants to understand its existing international customers better, we create customized cultural awareness training to raise customer empathy with specific groups of customers.

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