Build the infrastructure

New insights, skills and solutions last when they are backed by organizational capabilities to enable them reliably every time, with everyone.

Developing such capabilities is a marathon, not a sprint. Our approach is simple: we help jump-start or rejuvenate capabilities work and continue to check in regularly to help our clients stay on track or correct the course when necessary.


We help create strategies for cultivating customer and partner harmony, company-wide innovation and cultural evolution. We coach on defining the success criteria for everyone involved and on articulating dependencies across teams and technologies.

Best practices

We help discover harmony, innovation and culture gems within our client organizations, compare them to best industry practices, and create a set of unique and actionable best practices that reflect the unique goals, structure and culture of each organization.

Skills and structure

We evaluate existing skills, processes and structure that support customer harmony and innovation. We help develop teams and individuals that have necessary skills and integrate them efficiently into the existing processes and business units. 

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