What makes us unique

We are masters of human-centered design and business strategy and pioneers of organization-centered design. We are enterprise veterans, not career consultants. We have run organizations, shipped products, transformed processes and led organizational change from within. 

We love challenge, have opinions, and hold candor above diplomacy.

We push our clients to be the best organizations they can be. We know what it takes to implement change within a complex organization. That is why we help our clients evolve, not apply quick fixes. We are the personal trainers you partner with to make you sweat and swear in front of us and be a healthier and happier you after we leave.

  • Lada Gorlenko
    Lada has spent two decades helping organizations build better user experiences. She ran customer research programs for the European Commission, British Telecom, IBM and Microsoft, and advised many companies on discovering needs-based opportunities, creating successful offerings, and transforming through design thinking. Lada co-founded the IxDA, a global network of over 70,000 design professionals.
  • Shanti Punukollu
    Shanti built her career planning, developing and delivering software products, using a balance of engineering, business and marketing skills. She has worked at enterprises and startups, driving customer-focused thinking and execution. She knows firsthand that delivering great products can be achieved at any organization through an effective combination of innovative thinking and execution discipline.
  • Anna Timasheva
    A rocket scientist by training, Anna has applied her passion for innovation and quality to building consumer and enterprise software. A Microsoft veteran, she blends analytical skills with creativity and empathy. Anna coaches modern organizations to have global awareness as well as deep understanding of their own mission and values.
  • Yulia Urnysheva
    Yulia has a unique combination of creative, project management and financial skills. With background in industrial design and experience in digital design, marketing, and account management, Yulia has a can-do attitude and excels at translating the needs of different audiences into analog and digital solutions.
  • Mindi Rock

    Mindi is an expert in behavioral economics from Harvard Business School.  She applies it to change organizational behavior, enhance marketing strategies and develop new products and services. Mindi has helped companies to change health practices, reduce energy use and improve financial decision-making.

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