Become an Insightful Organization

Insightful organizations know themselves, their customers and partners. They use this knowledge to successfully address strategic challenges, grow, become best-in-class and stay relevant in the ever-changing world.

 We can help you get there.

Create Customer Harmony

Uncover new opportunities by building harmonious, long-term relationships with your customers and partners, whether they are consumers or businesses. Learn new ways to think about them, organize your knowledge and bridge gaps.

 Practice Meaningful Innovation

Build an innovation muscle that provides value, achieves meaningful outcomes, and follows the unique evolution path of your organization. Become proactive in facing the changing business context and customer expectations.

 Evolve Organizational Culture

Evolve your organizational culture to integrate customer harmony and meaningful innovation. Build effective diverse teams and tell a compelling story of your own organizational journey internally and externally.

How we can help

Our goal is not to bring insights, but to make you insightful.


We conduct qualitative and quantitative research of customer audiences, their motivations, behaviors, experience journeys and evolution. We also research client organizations to benchmark existing practices and define the desired outcomes for customer harmony and innovation. 


Our research converts what we know into opportunity analysis for products and services, as well as guidance on skills and capabilities development.

Our unique approach


Everlime provides individual and group training to help bridge knowledge and skills gap in customer harmony, meaningful innovation and cultural evolution. Our training ranges from half-day workshops on design thinking to multi-day expertise development courses. 


Everlime training introduces our clients to new ways of thinking about customers as well as their own organizations and helps jump-start new initiatives.

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Capabilities Development

Having the right capabilities is essential for acting on insights and utilizing new skills. We help our clients improve their existing structure and processes around customer harmony, innovation and product development, and develop new mechanisms when something is missing. 


We are proud when our capabilities development work leads to our clients needing our services less and being able to do more by themselves.

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  • We are heading into a merger. Everlime helped us understand and articulate our culture and unique value proposition clearly and succinctly. I am much more confident now in leading my team through the change and integrating them into a new org.
    Nathalie KarpinskyHealth Services Manager

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